Our company has always had a subgrade & gravel operation as part of our excavation contracting expertise. Where there is detail grading there is usually granular preparation required. Our subgrade and gravel crews complete subgrade preparation and detailed excavation for sidewalks, buildings, grade beams, trenching, or any type of under slab preparation as necessary. If any of these items require cement stabilization, this is also an option.

Since our paving division has become established it has added a whole new dimension to the diversity of our company. DeFord Contracting has the ability to complete cement stabilization and rubbelization as part of the paving crew’s subgrade operations. Our subgrade and gravel not only supports our excavation crews, but also works very closely with our paving crew. We feel that our subgrade and gravel crews have the ability to adapt to our excavation and our paving crews’ needs. With the subgrade and gravel crews being the middle man within our operations we rely heavily on them for communication and often act as the primary crew on site for the jobs that we are the acting general contractor.

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