5 Important Steps for a Successful Excavation Project

It is very important to carefully execute excavation projects to avoid problems such as gas escape, flooding or electrocution. A small mistake might result in costly repairs and can ruin your project. This is where the importance of hiring a knowledgeable team for the job comes into picture. Whether it’s using tools such as excavators or making boundaries, an expert team will handle all aspects smoothly.

DeFord Contracting Inc. has been providing excavation services to both commercial and residential clients since 1967. We are known for unsurpassed quality and excellence in service in the City of Edmonton and surrounding areas. We offer services in areas such as:

Asphalt repair
Commercial snow removal 

In this blog post, we discuss the crucial steps to be taken for a successful excavation project.

1. Manage erosion
If not controlled, erosions can bring any project to a halt. It is important to take precautionary steps such as removing the topsoil layer and implementing silt fences. Proper building inspections should also be conducted to check for hazardous conditions.

2. Site management
It’s important to closely deal site management during the entire project for to avoid construction risks. This includes designing hauling roads and constructing entrances. As these steps need time, it should be ensured that they are not overlooked as eventual delays are likely to happen. 

3. Handling utility lines
A lot of heavy equipment, including excavators, is used in these types of projects. So, it’s important to locate underground utility lines such as fibre optic lines, gas lines or other underground utilities. Hitting one accidently can lead to problems. 

4. Take advantage of favourable weather conditions
Unfavourable weather conditions can halt your entire project. So, it’s important to capitalize the opportunity when weather conditions are preferable for operations to proceed. A well-defined schedule is crucial to compensate for all the uncertainties to prevent setbacks.

5. Maintaining communication
As contractors and project team members are always involved with the overall construction, it’s crucial to keep all of them informed about any developments at the site to avoid delays and any misunderstanding. 

Let an Expert Help
A professional excavation contractor should always ensure that properties adjacent to the worksite are not damaged. It’s not advisable for property owners to deal with unprofessional companies.
DeFord Contracting Inc. has developed a positive reputation in excavation and we always welcome challenges that inspire our expertise. We are diverse and can adapt to different sized excavation projects from stockpile removals to large earthwork grading projects. Our technicians are skilled at all excavation tools such as excavators.
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