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Why Deford Contracting Is Your Best Choice When It Comes to Excavations

DeFord Contracting Inc. has been in the contracting business since 1967. We are known for quality services, integrity, safety and customer satisfaction. Our area of expertise includes earthwork, removals, demolition and surface improvements. We are one of the top excavating companies in Edmonton. We serve clients from residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

DeFord Contracting Inc. has played an important role in shaping the greater Edmonton landscape and its surrounding areas. We function as a diversified construction firm, providing a variety of services to our clients, be it commercial or municipal. As we hold a leading position in this industry, we feel that we have a responsibility towards our clients. It is our duty as excavators to maintain our reputation by providing services that are indisputable and of good quality. 

Our reputation comes from years’ of experience and knowledge in this field. We have the ability and agility to adapt to different excavation sites. From large earthwork grading projects to stockpile removal, we can do it all for you. This is the reason we are one of the most popular excavating companies in the area. Certain excavating tasks that we offer are:

1. Basement and parkade excavations
2. Storm pond excavations
3. Snow removal during winters
4. Existing road and parking lot removal
5. Small and large earthwork grading projects involving stripping, common excavation, material import or export
6. Stockpile removals
7. Small and large earthwork grading projects involving stripping, common excavation, material import or export

For several years, we have been participating in the Alberta Construction Association’s “Partner in Injury Reduction" program. We also maintain our Certificate of Recognition “COR” by conducting periodical internal and external auditing. We conduct a preventive maintenance program to replace or repair defective equipment. It helps us reduce the chances of equipment failure and also the risk of accidents. Our clients rely on us and we put in our best efforts to meet their expectations.

We are committed to ensure the safety of our workers, the onsite personnel and the public. Our safety programme focuses primarily on training our new employees as we attempt to instill a sense of accountability in all of them. A safety orientation programme is scheduled for every new employee and regular safety meetings are held to keep everyone updated.

At DeFord Contracting Inc., our goal is to deliver high quality services. This is what makes us stand out from other excavating companies, making us one of the top excavators in the region. Contact us today to know more about our services!


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